Abrasives in Action

Before Blasting with 30/60 Garnet

1/2 Blasting using 30/60 Garnet

After Abrasive Blasting with 30/60 Garnet

Abrasive Blasting using 30/60 Garnet Photos above show before during and after blasting with Abrasive Media Supplies 30/60 Garnet

Abrasive Blasting with Crushed Glass or Garnet How do I choose?

Both crushed glass and garnet can be used as abrasives in blasting operations, but there are some differences between the two materials.

Crushed glass is a relatively new blasting media that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is made by crushing recycled glass bottles into very small particles. Crushed glass is environmentally friendly, as it is made from recycled materials and does not contain any hazardous substances. It is also less expensive than many other blasting media.

Garnet, on the other hand, is a natural mineral that is mined from the earth. It is a hard, durable material that is often used in abrasive blasting operations because of its ability to cut through tough surfaces. However, garnet is more expensive than crushed glass.

When it comes to choosing between crushed glass and garnet for abrasive blasting, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important factors is the hardness of the surface being blasted. Garnet is harder than crushed glass, which means it can be more effective at removing tough coatings or materials. However, if the surface being blasted is softer or more delicate, crushed glass may be a better option, as it is less likely to cause damage.

Another factor to consider is the cost. As mentioned earlier, crushed glass is generally less expensive than garnet, which can make it a more attractive option for budget-conscious businesses.

Ultimately, the choice between crushed glass and garnet will depend on the specific needs of the blasting operation. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to weigh these factors carefully when making a decision.

Check out this You Tube Video from America using crushed Recycled glass V’s Garnet

Abrasive Media Supplies stock Australian Recycled Crushed Glass available out of Wetherill Park NSW, Redland Bay QLD, Pakenham VIC and Green Fields SA

Mist Blasting

Mist blasting is a cleaning process that involves the use of a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive materials, such as glass beads or garnet, to remove surface contaminants from various types of materials. The process is often used in industrial settings to clean surfaces that are difficult to access or clean using traditional methods.

The mist blasting process works by creating a fine mist of water and abrasive material that is directed at the surface to be cleaned. The high-pressure stream of mist can be adjusted to different levels depending on the type of material being cleaned and the level of contamination that needs to be removed.

One advantage of mist blasting is that it is a relatively gentle process that does not damage the surface being cleaned. The abrasive materials used in mist blasting are carefully selected to ensure that they do not cause any damage or scratches to the surface.

Mist blasting is commonly used to clean surfaces such as metal, concrete, and brick, and is often used in applications such as cleaning bridges, ships, and tanks.

Freshlook Blasting and Painting –  0423 743 545

Sent in these great pictures of some of his jobs blasted with Crushed Glass from Abrasive Media Supplies. Farm Fencing cleaned up with Wet Blasting with Crushed Recycled Glass and then painted all by Freshlook Blasting and Painting Regency Downs QLD

  • Before Fence blasting with crushed glass

Crushed Glass being used to wet blast paint removal of Landscape Machinery. 20 Mesh was used for this job.

Crushed Glass for paint removal

Cerakote Preparation

120 Mesh Garnet or Aluminium Oxide is the correct media to use for Cerakote Preparation.

If the customer is specifically an exhaust coating company then they can get away with 80 mesh Garnet as the largest size media for preparation prior to applying Cerakote.

Click on the link below, I am surprised at how many of my customers are using a system just like this with the Crushed Glass to do all types of jobs including removing paint from car bodies, cleaning mould from concrete, Line removal and more. Crushed recycled glass and you can be working like a professional Sand Blaster. 

Rust Converter being used on Steel Beams. 

AMS Rust converter is an effective rust treatment for interior, exterior, automotive, industrial, marine or domestic application. Upon contact AMS Rust Converter will chemically convert rust to a non-reactive and prepares the surface for priming for a topcoat.

Removes Rust spots, cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, brass, and copper. Ideal for bikes & tools etc. Rusty parts can be soaked in Rust Converter.


A fast-working rust treatment formulated to convert rust from a detrimental Iron Oxide to a beneficial Phosphate of Iron. Chemically destroying any rust present. And leaving the surface in good condition for painting when dry. Ultimately extending the longevity of the surface and subsequent coatings.


For interior, exterior, automotive, industrial, marine, or domestic application.

Rust Converter – Stain Remover – Surface Cleaner

$280.00 plus GST and Freight per 20 litre cube.

Manufactured in Australia

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No matter what machine you own from a trade tools wet blaster to an industrial strength machine like a Graco, Dustless Blaster, Quill falcon, vapour blaster, ABSS or Rapid Blaster you can list your business for free. The more photos and videos you upload the more business you can attract.

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  • Removal of Render from Brick work Removal of Render from Brick work

    Abrasive Blasting to remove Render from Brick work with out damaging the brick work.

  • Abraisve blasting to remove Render from Brickwork Abraisve blasting to remove Render from Brickwork
  • After photo of render removal After photo of render removal

    After photo of render removal with Crushed Glass

    Customer: Worner Services
    Application: Render Removal from Brickwork

    Crushed Recycled Glass 50/100 Mesh (Fine) used to remove Render from Brick work. Fine Grade of Crushed Recycled Glass no free silica available in 25kg bags or 1 tonne bulk bags. 
    Give Mark a call on 0400 723 723. For Abrasive Blasting Services or call Jackie on 1300 129 990 to order your own Crushed Glass.

      Customer: Hydra Blast Restorations
      Application: Rust removal

      Clean White Crushed Glass used to remove rust by Hydra Blast Restorations in Sydney.
      Give Matt a call on 0401 515 839.

        Customer: Blast Monkey
        Application: Trailers and Cars

        Blast Monkey in Tamworth have sent in a few pictures of the work they have done removing paint from timber to rust and paint from box trailers and cars. All using Recycled Crushed Glass purchased from Abrasive Media Supplies. Give Paul and Tiffany a call on 0435 739 028 or visit www.blastmonkey.com.au. Blast Monkey is based in Tamworth NSW.

        Give Jackie a call on 1300 129 990 or visit our store to place your order.

          Customer: Eco Blast Dustless Blasting
          Application: Trailer

          Another great job by one of my customers using 80 Mesh Garnet. This job was blasted dry with 80 Mesh Garnet supplied out of my Pakenham VIC warehouse. Give Juan a call for any blasting needs you have on 0408 547 083. Eco Blast Dustless Blasting is based in Ryanston VIC. Juan also offers a mobile service so he can come to you also. 

            Customer: TJB Mobile Dustless Blasting
            Application: Sausage Machine

            This is another job Trent blasted using 50/100 mesh (fine 3015) Recycled crushed glass he purchased from Abrasive Media Supplies.

            Give Jackie a call on 1300 129 990 or visit our store to place your order.

              Customer: TJB Mobile Dustless Blasting
              Application: Brick Wall

              Another happy Abrasive Media Supplies customer has sent in some great before and after photos of a red brick wall they cleaned up using Abrasive Media Supplies 20 Mesh (course .85) Recycled Crushed Glass. Trent from TJB Mobile Dustless Blasting is based in Albury, NSW. Give him a call on 0412 263 706.

                Customer: Enviro Abrasive Wet Dry Blasting
                Application: Removing rust from beams

                Chris Knibbs of Enviro Abrasive Wet Dry Blasting 0417 820 024 Swan Reach VIC 3903.

                Removing rust scale from Beams on a balcony using Abrasive Media Supplies Fine grade of Crushed Glass 50/100 Mesh size.

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                Our blaster directory is now live!

                The blaster directory gives you the ability to advertise your services and products as well as display pictures of your capabilities and previous work achievements.

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