Second Hand Abrasive Blasting Machines for Sale.

Blast Pot for Sale
Blaster for Sale
Abrasive Blaster for Sale

Abrasive Blaster for Sale

Abrasive Blasting Pot for Sale

Frank 0407 452 774 or Lyn 0434 676 983 $49 500.00 all inclusive

Qingdao Muzhisheng Machinery Co., Ltd

Mobile DB800 dustless blasting


Purchase May 2022

Run Time – 99 Hours

  1. DB800 Blast Tank
  • 8 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • 90 Minute blast time per fill
  • Tank Dimensions: 63’’h*34’’w*38’’d
  • Operating Pressure: 30-150 PSI
  • Weight:416lbs
  1. Diesel air compressor:

298 CFM Air Delivery

Power: 55 kw

Displacement: 298 CFM

Fuel capacity: 80 L

Weight: 1000 kg

Outline dimensions: 1800*1350*1500 mm

  1. Trailer: 2022

Registered 8 August 2024

Total: 19’Lx6’6″Wx6’23″H

LED Lights

Two 6000 LB Axles

Dual Axle Electric Brakes

Ply Tires + Full Size Spare

  1. 120 Gallon Water Tank
  2. 48 GPM Water Pump
  3. Air Dryer / Cooler


Comes with various hoses/attachments as per images.


Qingdao Muzhisheng Machinery Co
Qingdao Muzhisheng Machinery Co Mobile DB800 Dustless Blasting

Heather Dando – 0402 209 665 – Hawkesbury NSW $80K o.n.o

Well looked after DB800 Blast pot, with Sullair Compressor , water tank and pump on a trailer. To buy brand new would be over $100K 

DB800 Mobile Unit for sale
Dustless Blasting Trailer Unit for Sale


Gary on 0404 062 148   $70K o.n.o

DB800 Dustless Blasting Machine ready for you to start your mobile dustless blasting business.

The unit allows both wet and dry sandblasting and comes complete with an 800 blast pot, 600L water tank, high volume pneumatic water pump, 185 Sulair compressor with very low hours (127 hours), and 15.25m blast hose.

The trailer comes with stability legs, electric brakes, and has registration for 12 months until April 2025. Trailer is currently fitted a GPS tracking system.

This machine can remove paint and coatings from vehicles, trailers, tractors, excavators and more. It can also remove concrete, rust, mortar, mill scale, barnacles, powder coating and expose aggregate.

Here is a short video clip showing how it can be used –

DB800 on a trailer
DB800 Blast Pot Dustless Blaster

Beau Mansfield –  0459 816 973 – NSW

Blast Pot , Sullair Compressor mounted on a truck all up $45K


Ross Lawson – BCMF Pty Ltd 0410 550 722 $13K

2019 Model.

Originally purchased as an ex demo in which was only run for 2 hrs.

Since then we have only used a handful of times being run on avg 4-5hrs each time. As the machine doesn’t have an hr counter id say the machine would have no more than 30 hrs on it.

Great machine however our business has turned to a different direction and is time to sell it on.

It is in excellent condition and always been cleaned and flushed after every use.

This affordable option in abrasive blasting is not only easy to use, but portable enough to take from one job to another. In addition, Graco’s vapor abrasive blast equipment reduces dust by up to 92% less than traditional dry blasting and uses very little water, making containment and cleanup of debris simple and less messy than power washers.

Benefits of EQp Vapour Blasting

  1. Portable cart with lift handles – weighs only 220 lb (99.8 kg) empty
  2. Up to 92% less dust than traditional dry blasting
  3. Low water usage, less mess – Only uses 1/2 to 1 qt./min (0.47 – 1.07 L/min) of water
  4. Works with coarse, fine or non-destructive media
  5. Fast removal rates compared to other cleaning methods – Blast pressures up 150 psi (10.3 bar)
  6. Blasts for up to 90 minutes between refills and holds approximately (4) 55-pound (25 kg) bags of media

Compatible Abrasives:

  1. Garnet
  2. Crushed Glass 
  3. Coal Slag
  4. Glass Beads
  5. Plastic
  6. Walnut Shells
  7. Baking Soda 

Timothy Glaros 0412 031 919 or 0420 803 909 –  Complete set up for mobile sandblasting. It is a wet blasting unit made by Quantum blast in Adelaide. The trailer is Aussie made too. The compressor has 200 hours on it only & is immaculate. All hoses & accessories included plus over a tonne of glass media. Some garnet as well. New unit is worth $85-90K without any extras. I will include on-site training when you purchase the machine to show you how to set it up & use it safely. For further information & videos of machine running, get it touch. Viewing by appointment only. All reasonable offers considered 


Sold – Garry Aquilina  0455 033 553 – Texas Made Dustless Blaster DB500DAM Trailer Compressor and water Tank extension hoses masks etc $60K plus GST


Gareth Atherton 0404 699 938 –  ABSS174  Glemco helmet extensions airlines to suit electric deadman approx $13K


Morry Wakeman  0427 621 798  – SD120 blaster, compair C50 Compressor, yanmar 4 cylinder diesel engine on purpose built 3.6 x 1.8 dual wheel trailer $38500.00


SOLD February 2024 Tim Olsen 0412 053 404

DB150 Texas Built Dustless Blaster minimal Use – hoses blast nozzle and spare Nozzle, plus Grommet kit $6500

Based in Port Macquarie NSW 


Gone- Dale and Lisa 0472 683 164 Texas Built DB800DAM Mobile Blaster ready to go everything you need to start a mobile Blasting business. $58K o.n.o If you were to buy brand new you would be looking at over $90K Includes Sullair 260CFM compressor 2023 Build.

Dustless Blasting Trailer for Sale
Dustless Blasting Mobile Unit DB800 with compressor on a trailer for sale

Sold – Anthony Brown 0428 873 280 Quantum Blast SD80 Blast wet blast pot. Internals upgraded to 1″ 40 metres blast hose with deadman and blast nozzle. Comes with 80 Litres of Rust inhibitor valued at over $1200 Runs awesome on a 185CFM compressor. Pot only for sale $9000 o.n.o


David 0426 713 836 or

Like new Dustless Vapour Blasting unit surplus to requirements.This pot filled will run for around 60 mins duration depending blasting media and other factors.This unit is able to work as a dustless vapour blaster or as a traditional sandblasting unit and comes with everything required to operate including one 16m hose and some other spare parts. The unit has been built with 500lt water tank, Graco Husky air operated pump for water transfer and wash down, retractable hose reel, two large water separators and a large air intercooler with an air operated fan for cooling, a clean air supply separator for the operator with hoses, new helmet and air cooler . These components have all be built onto a heavy duty skid that can be lifted by forklift or by crane using the fitted lifting points.  Free delivery to Brisbane area other areas by negotiation. $11,000 inc GST firm.


Evan 0499 666 050 – DB800DAM on a trailer with approx 80 hours 


Ken Jordan 0488 440 627 – DJ500 375 CFM compressor Happy to sell seperatly Compressor in great working order $19k ono Blast Pot includes 3 inch hose to machine and 50 meters of blasting hose also 40 meter deadman switch line all in good condition for $7500


Noel 0405 345 015 – DF800 with 375 CFM Compressor BB80 Dust Free/Truck Hino $40K


Petr 0438 331 030 Truck mounted DB800 Open to sell business or separate truck, compressor and blast pot call for a price.

DB800 Truck Mounted
For Sale DB800 truck mount all inclusive

Reg Trevithick – 0428 473 253  – Texas Made Dustless Blaster  with water tank and with a near new 185 CFM compressor lots of extras mounted on a low kilometre Isuzu 4 x 4 elevated work Platform – Has front mounted hydraulic winch and only 212000 Kms.

A business within itself just needs an operator.

Truck currently located in Burnie TAS but can get it to Geelong VIC if need be.


Peter Skvaril 0438 331 030  – Texas Made Dustless Blaster DB800 with water tank and compressor lots of extras Sell as a business $82K


Colm Scanlon 0438 754 866 or 0409 980 327

80lt blast pot, wet and dry blasting setup, 450lt water tank under trailer, fully galvanized trailer painted black configured to carry bulk bag of media, electric brakes, 185cfm diesel compressor, 40m of blast and breathing hose, 2x blast helmets, air filter.

(Sign writing has been removed) $60k or best offer.

Wet and Dry Blaster for Sale
Wet and Dry Blaster for Sale

Murray 0419 359 260 Prolac Painting Hallam VIC

As new DB800 Mobile Unit – $95,000.00

DB800 Mobile Unit

  • DB800 Blast Pot
  • 300CFM Diesel Compressor
  • 500L Water Tank
  • Water Pump
  • Fully Galvanised Trailer


  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • 30m Hosing

Unit originally purchased October 2021.  Used to complete one job only – so basically brand new.

It has always been stored undercover and inside a factory.

Prolac Painting machine for sale.
DB800 For Sale
DB800DAM with accessories for Sale

Sold – Billy Kurul  0404 471 748  – Texas Built DB800DAM Dual Axle Trailer mounted $65,000 + GST, only done 70 hours on a trailer self sufficient, toolbox on trailer, extra hoses and 20 to 40 bags of media with it, smaller nozzle and receipts




Tony Mason 0473 637 230 – Dustless Blaster  DB225 with hoses less than 10 hours work $11K o.n.o  Practically new


SOLD October 2022 – Ricky  08 8752 2808 _ Torbo Blast pot System
120 Litre Pot New seals fitted to couplinks Only 152 hours Use Atlas Copco XAS 185CFM Compressor
Only 152 hours Use 3 x outlets New seals fitted to couplinks


SOLD May 2023 -Greg Leunig 0421 083 830 – Texas made Dustless Blaster DB500DAM – 153.2 hours fully serviced with extras including extension hoses – $55K ONO



Mill Scale

Mill Scale is the flaky surface of hot rolled steel, consisting of the mixed iron ocides, iron(II)oxide (Fe0), iron (III) oxide, Fe2O3), and iron (II,III) oxide (Fe3O4, magnetite)

Mill scale is formed on the outer surfaces of plates, sheets or profiles when they are being produced by rolling red hot iron or steel billets in rolling mills. Mill scale is Bluish-Black in colour. It is usually less than .1mm thick. 

Any paint applied over it is wasted, since it will come off with the scale as moisture-laden air gets under it. Therefore Mill scale must be removed before painting using abrasive blasting.  Abrasive Media Supplies suggests 30/60 mesh garnet .

Abrasive Media Supplies Promo Gear

Merry Christmas from Abrasive Media Supplies.
Thank you for your support in 2022, we look forward to working with you in 2023.

Abrasive Media Supplies last day of trading in 2022 will be Friday the 16th of December. We will be back after a cruising holiday on Monday the 9th of January 2023.

If you require any Crushed Glass, Garnet, Plastic or Rust inhibitor during this period please get in contact prior to the 16th to organise pick up or delivery from one of our warehouses. Beat the price rise on Crushed Glass and PrePay to only pay $495 plus GST for 25kg bags and $425 plus GST for 1 tonne bulker bags. New Price in 2023 will be $500 plus GST and Freight per 1 tonne bulk bag and $580 plus GST and Freight ofr 40 x 25kg bags. Give us a call on 1300 129 990 or email to get your pre pay special.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

White Clean Crushed Glass to remove Rust from an excavator.

Have a look at these pictures sent into Abrasive Media Supplies from a very happy customer who purchased our White Clean Crushed Glass 40/70 mesh for blasting rust off some excavation equipment.

Matt Coffill of Hydra Blast Restorations in Bligh Park NSW 2756 was amazed at how clean and contaminate free our White Clean Crushed Glass was. He also was very impressed with the packaging stating the bags are nice and sturdy and the glass is clean with no contaminants. It did a great job with removing rust from some very rusty excavators. See the before and after pictures below. Matt purchased the White Clean Crushed Glass out of NSW warehouse , however we also hold stock of the White Clean Crushed Glass in various mesh sizes in Brisbane QLD and stock is soon to arrive in our Packenham VIC warehouse.

Abrasive Media Supplies has White Clean Crushed Glass for sale in NSW, QLD and soon to be in VIC. We also stock Garnet, Crushed Recycled Glass and Plastic Urea. Give us a call on 1300 129 990 or email and we will get back to you.

Benefits of Crushed Glass

2 pac removal: What media is best?

We suggest 80 mesh garnet for 2 pac removal, you can also use 80 mesh garnet for exposing aggregate in concrete, line removal from concrete and paint removal from hard wood Please call our office on 1300 129 990 for further information or email

Removal of Rust from a front end loader

We suggest you use 30/60 Mesh Garnet for removal of rust from any heavy machinery, you can also use the 30/60 mesh garnet to remove mill scale, paint from steel boats and line removal. Call our office on 1300 129 990 or email for more information.

I need to remove paint from glass

You can remove paint from glass with shredded plastic or Soda, it really depends what your system can use and if you are blasting wet or dry. Plastic can also be used if you don’t want to profile the surface you are blasting. Give us a call on 1300 129 990 or email for more information.

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Our blaster directory is now live!

The blaster directory gives you the ability to advertise your services and products as well as display pictures of your capabilities and previous work achievements.

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