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Why So Many Clients Prefer To Use Garnet in Brisbane

Most of the garnet in Brisbane comes from right here in Australia. However, India also provides the raw materials needed to create abrasives in Brisbane. As one of the most popular choices, manufacturers create garnet from andradite and almandite deposits. Garnet is such a common choice for abrasive media that people are often surprised to learn that is a semi-precious stone in its natural form. When used in industrial settings, it becomes one of the safest, most versatile and most effective ingredients for blast cleaning.

Uses of Garnet in Brisbane

Abrasive media suppliers typically provide garnet to companies that specialize in or require sandblasting at the work site. Workers use garnet sandblasting to clean fiberglass and aluminum structures. Many workers prefer garnet to other abrasive materials because it is low-consuming and fast-cutting. For these reasons, garnet is also commonly used to remove rust, paint and mill scale from steel.

In addition to this, companies often use garnet to clean rust from tools or building structures exposed to water for extended periods of time. Some of these may even be permanent fixtures. Sometimes the cleaning is the end of the job. Other times, it is part of the preparation for either applying adhesives or a new coat of paint.

Some manufacturers also use garnet to make sandpaper. This is ideal for carpenters as the crushed garnet is sharp, making it great for sanding wood and creating a smooth finish. You can usually identify sandpaper made from garnet from the rough section, which is covered with reddish brown particles.

Benefits of Garnet in Brisbane

There are several other materials companies can rely on for sandblasting. So, what is it that makes garnet the best or only choice for certain jobs?

  1. Protects Water Bodies: It is most often used in work areas where water pollution or contamination is a major concern. This includes harbors, bridges and docks. Preventing contamination is important for workers on sites that are along or close to the Brisbane River.
  2. Preserves Air Quality: Air pollution is also a top concern, especially in tight or confined spaces, such as containers or tanks. Because garnet produces less dust, it makes it easier for workers to clean inside these spaces. If workers used alternatives that produced more dust, they might breathe in contaminants or struggle with visibility.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Another garnet Brisbane benefit is that it saves companies money. There are a number of reasons for this. Abrasive media suppliers often provide garnet abrasives at affordable prices. In addition to this, garnet is more effective, allowing workers to use less than they would of another abrasive. In fact, some workers are able to use the material over and over again. Additionally, the effects are long-lasting.
  4. Better for the Environment: Because it is naturally-occurring and non-toxic, garnet produces less harmful effects on the natural environment. The fact that it can be reused several times over also helps by reducing the need for increased mining and delaying the need for waste management.
  5. Healthier for Workers: Occupational health agencies around the world recognize sandblasting as a hazardous work process. Some abrasive materials are extremely toxic. While inhaling garnet is still ill-advised, the fact that it produces less dust helps to reduce the risk of exposure. Note that exposure to massive clouds of dust produced in sandblasting can lead to lung cancer and lung damage.

Garnet Brisbane Suppliers

When sourcing abrasive supplies in Brisbane and other cities across Australia, consider Abrasive Media Supplies. We provide warehousing all across the country to ensure we serve our client’s needs no matter where they are. Note that while we stand by the superior benefits of garnet, we also provide crushed glass, plastic and other material types. For more information about how AMS can serve you, contact us at

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The blaster directory gives you the ability to advertise your services and products as well as display pictures of your capabilities and previous work achievements.

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