.85 (20 Mesh) Crushed Glass

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Crushed glass in various mesh sizes for dry or wet blasting.

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Crushed glass in various mesh sizes for dry or wet blasting.

Check out our article on the benefits of using crushed glass over garnet.

Suitable for:

  • Removal of thick coatings like powder coat and epoxy
  • Heavy steel e.g chassis rails, tipper bodies
  • Rust removal
  • Exposing aggregate on concrete
  • Thick line removal
  • Marine industry for antifoul removal on fibre glass hulls
  • Removal of paint from hardwood timber
  • Paint removal from brick, steel and concrete i.e Graffiti removal
  • Sandstone
  • Rust off limestone
  • Glass –

    20 Mesh- Coarse

    Shipping Containers

    Removal of Thick coating e.g. Powder coat and epoxy coatings

    Heavy Steel e.g. Chassis Rails, Tipper Bodies

    Rust Removal

    Exposing aggregate on concrete

    Thick line removal from roads (Asphalt)

    Marine Industry- Antifoul removal from Fibreglass hulls


    Powder coat from Aluminium

    Steel Boats

    Wrought Iron

    Anti Slip Flooring additive

    Golf Course Greens

    Tennis Courts

    Glass –

    50/100 Mesh or



    Brake Calipers

    Plastic Bumper Bars

    Rust Removal

    Removal of paint from Hardwood Timber

    Paint removal from Brick, steel and concrete e.g. Graffiti Removal

    Very fine profile or when minimal damage to substrate is required


    Rust off Limestone

    Aluminium Boats

    Line removal from concrete

    Varnish from Jarrah Wood

    Smoke damage from Brickwork and tiles


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40 x 25kg Bags on a Pallet, 50 x 25kg Bags on a Pallet (WA Only), 1 Tonne Bags


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